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Arosa expands its range of bikes

With the construction of a flow trail in Hörnli and the unbundling of hiking and biking trails, Arosa is taking a further step towards a future integrated bike offer in Arosa Lenzerheide.


In cooperation with Allegra Tourism, Arosa Bergbahnen AG is building a nearly 7 km long flow trail in the Hörnli area in summer 2018. The flow trail with its blue lines primarily addresses the main segment of Arosa, the families. Of course, experienced bikers also get their money's worth on the long trail.

With Allegra Tourism Arosa is pleased to have a professional partner with a lot of experience in trail construction at their side. The construction team consists of employees of the Arosa mountain railways and professional trail builders from Allegra Tourism. The snowy winter has left its mark on more than 2'000 m above sea level and at the start of the flow trail on the Hörnli the snow has stopped for a long time, so that the construction crew started the construction work in the lower section at the beginning of June. The favourable weather conditions allowed rapid construction progress, so that the team can start work in the upper part from July. Nevertheless, due to its length, construction work will continue until mid-October, so that the trail will be officially opened at the start of the 2019 summer season.

The bikers can expect a varied trail which leads through different vegetations. Several stopovers are integrated on the trail so that families can relax and enjoy nature again and again. A special highlight will be the stop at the little Hauenseelli. The lake with its stony landscape hides an exciting legend which offers the families enough time to discover and stay. The experienced bikers skip these stops and power their way through the almost endless cliff curves and waves. The gondola Hörnli-Express brings the bikers comfortably back to the start and offers enough rest with the 15-minute ride before the roller coaster starts again.

Interview on construction progress

Chris Kehmeier, project manager of Allegra Tourism, gives exciting insights into the construction of the Hörnli Trail.

unbundling Hiking and Biking Trail At Rothorn

In order to be even better connected to the Lenzerheide offer, the two unbundling of the bike and hiking paths in the Rothorn-Galerie & Gredigsfürggli-Älplisee area will definitely be realised this summer. Through further targeted guidance, the two stakeholders (hikers and bikers) between Rothorn and the Hörnli valley station pass each other perfectly and can enjoy the beauty of the Arosa mountains together.


Arosa Bergbahnen AG and Arosa Tourismus have decided to expand the bike product segment together with other service providers. The advantages (great single trails, direct connection to Lenzerheide and Davos, etc.) need to be strengthened and improved in a targeted manner, and also deposited with bookable offers.

In addition, the "Easy Bike" area is also to be used in its entirety in the future. Easy Bike appeals to beginners and families, who are also well known Arosa summer guests. In the future our bike guest should be able to grow with the Arosa Lenzerheide offer and always find the best suitable offers according to his skills.

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