For Heat Sufferers

The Arosa Bucket List for the Perfect Refreshment

If you don’t mind whether the mountain lake is just 13 degrees or would you rather cool off in the fresh mountain breeze on the top of the mountain? Then you are perfect for this bucket list.

#1: 10 Lake Tour

Arosa has an unbelievable variety of mountain lakes. 10 of them can be reached via different hiking trails. With the “blue”, “red” and “black” route suggestions, every hiker can find the right tour to reach our beautiful mountain lakes.

A must for every water rat: jump into the icy water in your underwear, regain your energy and prepare yourself for whatever may come in the future.

Altein Wasserfall Arosa | © Arosa Tourismus

#2: Altein waterfalls

If you are fascinated by waterfalls, you don’t need to travel far in Arosa. The small Altein waterfall can be reached in just 30 minutes and the imposing large Altein waterfall in around one hour. Enjoy the roar of the water surrounded by a beautiful natural backdrop. If you look in the other direction, you can see the village of Arosa from another perspective.

Small Alteinwaterfall
Schanfigger Höhenweg 2 (Grünsee).jpg

#3: Grünsee lake in the Fondei high valley

Not only Arosa, but the Schanfigg valley too has something to offer water lovers. The impressive Grünsee lake in the Fondei is also worth a visit. The green wonder at the Duranna Pass is reached by walking for approximately one hour from the Strassberg Walser village. Because the lake is not deep, the temperatures are also kept in check in mid-summer and a jump into the water is not as cold as you may at first imagine.

Badi-Untersee 3-Arosa.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#4: Arosa lido

We would not be lying if we were to say that the Arosa lido is the most beautiful bathing opportunity in the world. Where else can you find such a beautiful natural lake surrounded by the wonderful mountain backdrop of Arosa. Whether on a stand-up paddle board, on a trampoline or in the children’s paddling pool, every water rat can find their own way to cool off or enjoy sunbathing in the Graubünden mountains.

Untersee lido
Huustee | © Huustee

#5: Huustee (house tea)

In addition to our lakes, waterfalls and bathing spots, there is another refreshment for hotheads! The Wüthrich family from the Hold restaurant sell their own house tee very successfully and it definitely belongs on this Bucket List. The refreshing drink, which is also available in the Coop and in almost all restaurants in Arosa, is an unbelievably delicate family recipe which must, without a doubt, be tried out.

Arosa Bier

#6: Arosa beer

As well as producing its own tea, Arosa also offers a number of beers brewed in Arosa, the Arosa Bräu. Glasses up and cheers! The beer can be purchased at a number of shops in the village or ordered in the restaurants.

The perfect refreshment for hotheads!

wandern-ueber-bach.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#7: Arosa water

If the tea is too sweet and the beer too alcoholic, take the next alternative: go to a stream and drink the fresh Arosa water directly from your hands.

Tip: jump into the Schwellisee lake early in the morning, stop for a moment, drink Arosa water straight from the stream and restore your energy - the perfect start to the day.

wandern-schiesshorn-sunrise.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#8: Refreshment on the mountain peak

The Valbellahorn and the Sandhubel are marked peaks which can be walked on. What is the reward? Stand on the peak, feel the fresh mountain air blowing through your hair, look down at tiny Arosa below, and breathe in deeply.

Especially when it is 30 degrees or more in the lowlands, it offers the perfect opportunity to catch the fresh mountain air and gather some energy.

Langwies mit Viadukt.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#9: Grill under the Langwies viaduct

Directly below the imposing viaduct and next to the Plessur river you will find a beautiful barbecue area. Reached in under 20 minutes from the Langwies railway station, you can absorb the fresh air with the whole family and in peace. While the sausages sizzle over the fire, you only need to make sure that the paddling children do not get too wet. 

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