For the Connoisseurs

The Arosa Bucket List for Moments of Pleasure

The idea that good food and a large helping of relaxing belong together on a successful holiday goes without saying. This Bucket List includes Must Dos for a pleasurable stay in Arosa with many culinary highlights.
Gipfel Z'Morga Arosa Weisshorn | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG

#1: Breakfast on the peak

We are convinced that breakfast simply tastes better on the mountain top than in the lowlands. You can enjoy culinary treats for the first meal of the day at the 360° panoramic restaurant at the Weisshorn and in the Hörnli hut.

Gipfel Z'Morga

#2: Bar tour

The Bucket List for a food lover must, without doubt, include the Bar Tour through Arosa. After starting in the Güterschuppen, you make it to the Overtime ice hockey hangout at the lower end of the Poststrasse, then work through the wines in the Vinothek to exotic drinks in the Wunderbar. So, how’s it looking, do you want more? We say «Viva!».

Maran Golf Sommer 1-Arosa.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#3: Carriage ride

How can you enjoy the mountain panorama without having to walk far? In a comfortable carriage of course! Overtake the sweaty hikers on the panoramic trails! The carriage awaits at the car park by the Obersee lake and will take you through Arosa.

Carriage ride

#4: Sweet moments

If you are holidaying in the mountains, you have to have energy. So we are convinced that you can enjoy dessert in Arosa before, during and after your hike. How else would you be able to try out the legendary apple strudel at Gspan, the home-made cream slices at the Alpenblick and the Hörnli hut, or the one-of-a-kind nut cake in Gadient’s Genuss Puur?

Cuisine in Arosa
20200121_Lindt-Baeren_Verkauf-046.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#5: Arosa shopping tour

From the classic postcard to chocolate bears to home-made soaps, the shops in Arosa offer a limitless variety of souvenirs for your loved ones and mementoes for you, Ambling through the shops is also a super plan for a rainy day.

Shopping in Arosa

#6: Burger special

On the sun terrace by Hof Maran, in Gadient’s Gnuss Puur, or Güterschuppen? We asked the locals where the best burgers are but there was no clear winner. The fact is: the selection of fantastic burgers in Arosa is as varied as the burgers themselves. Test them out yourself and let us know where you have eaten the best burgers!

Bike Hof Maran | © Nathan Hughes

#7: E-Bike Gastro Tour

Do you want to combine pleasure, food and a little exercise? Then the E-Bike Gastro Tour is perfect for you.

Use the E-Bike to discover the area around Arosa on the panoramic and convenient trails. The tasty treats along the way and the helpful tips & tricks from the experts at the Arosa BikeSchool make this offer a Must Do on the Connoisseur’s Bucket List.

E-Bike Gastro Tour
Grillstelle Rot Tritt Arosa | © Arosa Tourismus

#8: Snake bread

What could be better than the 5-course meal you enjoyed last night? Home-made snake bread in the outdoor kitchen of course! It is no secret that the atmosphere around a meal is just as important as the taste itself. So, we promise you: your snake bread has never tasted better than when baked at one of the idyllic campfire places in and around Arosa.

Fire places in Arosa
Alpenhirt.png | © Alpenhirt

#9: Arosa cuisine at home

Would you like to take a taste of the diverse Arosa cuisine home with you? So that you can remember the unique tastes from your holiday in Arosa, you can find culinary souvenirs for you and your loved ones at Dagi’s Bündner Spezialitäten, Naturladen or Cindy’s Delikatessen und Geschenke.

Shops in Arosa

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