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The Arosa Bucket List for Challenging Adventures

Is lazing around in the sun all day doing nothing not your thing? Would you rather fill your holidays with action and challenges? Then the Bucket List for Adventure Seekers is perfect for you. Here we present the Must-Dos for a summer of adventure in Arosa.

#1: Million Stars Hotel

Who needs a 5-star hotel when you can have a million-star hotel? This summer, sleep out at 2,653 m above sea level on the Weisshorn summit surrounded by countless mountain peaks.  The magical mountain atmosphere that you will experience when sleeping out under the stars cannot be described in words - you have to experience it yourself! 

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wandern-aelplisee-2.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#2: Mountain hike to the Erzhornsattel

This tour is definitely not a walk in the park. The ascent of 1,134 metres to the Erzhornsattel requires a sure foot and a head for heights. The Erzhornsattel is the highest point of this day tour and the view towards Arosa and into the Schanfigg valley is breathtaking. The mountain hike then leads along the crystal-clear Älplisee and Schwellisee lakes and back to Arosa. 

ramoz-package.tif | © Mattias Fredriksson Photography

#3: Furcletta Tour by Bike

Varied bike trails, tricky descents, breathtaking countryside and sections where you have to carry your bike make the Furcletta Tour to the Ramoz hut a must-do for adventure-seeking bike fans. The challenging Enduro Tour has everything the trail heart desires. For a little more comfort, spend a night at the Ramoz hut and enjoy the tranquillity of the isolation. 

HoernliTrailjagd_2020_151.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#4: Hörnli Trail Hunt

Avid mountain bikers can enjoy another bike highlight with the Hörnli Trail Hunt. But beware, at this bike event, your brain cells are challenged as well as your thighs. A full-scale challenge that focuses on team spirit and fun. 


#5: More than just running

Breathing in the fresh mountain air helps you climb every peak when trail running. In Arosa, you can find fabulous trail running routes to suit everyone. The annual Arosa Trail Run provides a quite special challenge.

Trail running routes
Arosa ClassicCar 2021 | © Arosa ClassicCar / Remi Dargegen

#6: Fast, faster, race taxi

The curving route to Arosa is not everyone’s cup of tea, but is it yours? Then make sure you take a trip with the race taxi during the Arosa ClassicCar event. You too can become part of the race! Climb into one of our Porsche race taxis and enjoy 7.3 km of pure adrenaline! 

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sonnenaufgang-weisshorn.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#7: Sunrise Hike

Getting up early has never been more worthwhile. This is quite a special Must-Do for an Arosa summer that is full of adventures. Take a walk at night (headtorch recommended) and climb the Weisshorn, the Schiesshorn or the Maraner Hauptji. You then have a perfect view of the sunrise - goosebumps are guaranteed! 


#8: Mountain Lake Challenge

Arosa has a whole ten mountain lakes! Surely that is justification for a challenge? Walk around the crystal-clear lakes and venture into the cool water. After bathing, you feel reborn, there is nothing more refreshing! 


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