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Landscape of legends

«Once upon a time, a long time ago». Many old stories begin with these words, including those of the holiday region of Lenzerheide. Learn more about the history of Lenzerheide and immerse yourself in old stories and nostalgic pictures from days gone by.


ki area, attractive routes for biking and varied hiking trails? Come with us, we will explore the origins and history of Lenzerheide. On the way there might be some attractive offers for you.

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Skiing in the 70s was almost a different sport than we know it today. The development was still far removed from modern carving technology. Wearing a ski helmet was still unthinkable and the lifts were rather rough than convenient. But even back then, the varied offer in the holiday region of Lenzerheide attracted numerous winter sports enthusiasts and recreation seekers to the mountains.

Immerse yourself with us in the winter world of yesteryear and discover Lenzerheide as it was then. Do you still remember ski ballet or mogul skiing? Two very popular sports back then.

1970 - cross-country skiing back then

The 24 hours race of Lenzerheide-Valbella. A cross-country skiing race that demanded everything from the participants. Twenty-four hours on the cross-country ski trail saps the strength even of trained athletes. The equipment was rather rudimentary and not comparable with today's high-performance equipment. Today, the holiday region of Lenzerheide is a top destination for cross-country skiing and biathlon.

Discover cross-country skiing in the 70s. Were you on the cross-country track yourself at that time? Send us your memories by e-mail to webmaster@lenzerheide.swiss. We would be pleased to receive pictures and videos.

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Imagine, already in 1663 Capuchin fathers worked in the rectory of Zorten. Now it is home to the Museum Vaz/Obervaz.

The lovingly curated exhibition shows you how people used to live. Through the exhibits you get a picture of the development of tourism, sports and customs.