High above Lenzerheide holiday region

Paraheid Braun offer various tandem flights in Lenzerheide. Together with an experienced paragliding pilot you can enjoy a unique view over Lenzerheide or glide leisurely down into the valley after a guided hiking tour.
Paragliding in Lenzerheide | © Nicole Trucksess


Paragliding gives you the opportunity to experience nature from the air, without the annoying sound of engines. Paragliding has been Marco Braun's passion for many years, which he would like to share with you. Thanks to his many years of flying experience you are in the best of hands with him. Every season has its charm. That is why he is on the move with his paraglider all year round. The main flying areas are Lenzerheide and Churwalden.

Whether for yourself or as a gift - here you are sure to find the right tandem paragliding flight.

  • Gleitschirmfliegen in Lenzerheide | © ParaHeid Marco Braun
    CHF 170.00

    The Epicure

    10 - 20 minute tandem flight.
     The Epicure is the standard flight for everyone who wants to get a taste of air.

  • Gleitschirmfliegen in Lenzerheide | © ParaHeid Marco Braun
    CHF 280.00

    The Ultimate

    25 - 35 minute tandem flight.
     You will take off from Parpaner Rothorn and fly to Chur.

More paragliding flights

  • Price: CHF 300.00 (excl. cable car)
  • What is better than flying towards the sun? Early in the morning you walk up a mountain with the equipment and fly back into the valley at sunrise.
  • Price: CHF 300.00 (excl. cable car)
  • The only means of transport are your feet and the paraglider. You will walk from the valley to one of the launch sites and glide silently through the air.
  • Price: CHF 330.00 (excl. cable car)
  • Flying during the day is already very impressive. But how about a flight during a full moon? The prerequisite is that a tandem flight has already been made once during the day. The full moon flight is only possible when there is snow.

Make your family, relatives or friends happy by giving them a voucher for a flight of your choice.


Anyone can paraglide. No previous knowledge is required. Befor the start you will be instructed by Marco Braun in detail so that you can swing smoothly into the air.

  • Minimum age: 18 years (for younger passengers, the consent of a parent or legal guardian is required).
  • Weight incl. clothing min. 30 - max. 100 kg
  • A certain physical fitness is required. You have to walk up to the starting point for about 10 - 15 minutes. For the takeoff, a few quick steps are enough to get into the air.
  • Good footwear (hiking or trekking shoes)
  • Helmet if availale; otherwise, one is provided for you.
  • Suitable «flight cloting»: long trousers, windproof jacket, gloves, sunglasses, eventually ski suit.

Even in summer, the air can be quite cool. Therefore it is always recommend to fly with long trousers and a jacket.

Marco Braun | © Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

About Marco Braun

  • BAZL - licensed tandem pilot
  • Place of residence: Churwalden
  • Paragliding license since: Since 2011
  • Tandem licence: Since 2016
  • Occupation: Technical manager at Lenzerheide Bergabahnen AG
  • Languages: German, English and French
  • Personal: Year of Birth 1987, married and three children

«A joy shared is a joy doubled - that's why I beacame a tandem pilot. I love to share this special flying experience with my passengers.»

Paraheid Lenzerheide | © Paraheid Lenzerheide
ParaHeid Braun
Jochwäg 45

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