Alpine Cheese Dairy Parpan

Alpine Cheese Dairy Parpan


Alpbeizli Parpan
Oberbergstrasse 42
7076 Parpan
Phone +41 79 871 33 24

The cheese dairy in the old hay barn of Plantahof Alp is a unique, fascinating thing. A modern Alp dairy processing in a 100 year old barn, an inspiring adaptation to the current economic conditions.

The renovated barn has retained its original character to the outside world. In the former hayloft it has been built a glass-enclosed cheese factory. It is placed so you can get an insight view and follow the action at any time during the production.

In the lower part of the building, the former cowshed, the cheese cellar is housed. He takes on the entire production of the Alpine summer. Around 23 tons of alpine cheese find place. The cheese cellar has a large window through which the Alpine cheese can admire to the north.

For sale Alpcheese, Mutschli, soft cheese and yogurt are offered.