5 July 2022

Fastest public e-charging station in Lenzerheide

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Ladestation | © Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

Fastest public e-charging station in Lenzerheide
The works of the municipality of Vaz/Obervaz and the Soleval holiday centre have together built a public charging station for electric vehicles. It offers two charging options, a DC fast charging station with 66 kilowatts and an AC charging station with 22 kilowatts.

20 times faster
The fast-charging station at the Lenzerheide Sports Centre charges electric cars up to 20 times faster than a charging station at home. Electric cars can now be conveniently charged during a visit to the Lenzerheide Sports Centre. The electricity comes 100 percent from renewable Swiss hydropower. 

Continuous expansion
In the coming years, the public charging network in the Lenzerheide holiday region will be continuously expanded in order to always meet the new and increasing needs for charging options. Today, a total of five public charging stations are available in the entire Lenzerheide holiday region, which means that ten vehicles can be charged at the same time.