12 July 2021

Restriction «Junehüttenweg» and «Schäfermuldenweg» for bikers

Old News

With the opening of the new trail «Scalottas Nord», the currently planned unbundling measures on the Scalottas/Heidbüel side of the valley have been completed. Instead of destroying metres of depth on a gravel road as in the past, you now glide along the flowing trail all the way to Alp Nova. With the «Top Fops» trail from the June Hut to Alp Fops, which was opened last summer, bikers now finally have attractive trails at their disposal on Piz Scalottas. 

In the spirit of a test phase, the municipality of Vaz/Obervaz has decided to close the two trails «June Hütteweg» and «Schäfermuldenweg» to bikers from Monday, 12 July until Sunday, 29 August 2021. The aim of this restriction is to relieve the highly frequented hiking trails on Piz Scalottas during the main holiday season and to direct guests in accordance with the disentanglement strategy.  

The restriction on the two hiking trails does not make the «Western Summits» area less attractive. The two newly built trails are more attractive for bikers and increase the biking offer accordingly. The restriction merely corresponds to the continued implementation of the disentanglement measures in the sense of a shift from the hiking trail to the bike trail.  

Theoretically, Lenzerheide and the entire canton of Graubünden rely on coexistence wherever possible and only resort to unbundling in exceptional cases and on highly frequented sections. Then the hikers are undisturbed and the bikers do not lose flow by slowing down. «Fair Trail» also means that the existing unbundled trails are used accordingly. 

The Weisshorn Speed chairlift will start summer operation on Saturday, 17 July 2021. This expands the range of trails in the Bike Kingdom to include the extremely attractive trails in the "Red Peak" area. Special highlight: The Great White! Just in time before the first snowfall in autumn 2020, this latest trail showpiece was completed in the rocky desert around the Weisshorn. From the Weisshorn Speed chairlift, the black enduro trail winds its way through stone fields and invites you to take flying lessons on your bike thanks to tables and step downs.