24 October 2022

Space Walk - The Mission to the Moon Continues

Old News

The distance from Lenzerheide to the moon - the goal of the «Lenzerheide Space Walk» campaign - is 384,000 kilometres. With currently around 80,000 kilometres, more than a fifth of the total distance to the moon was covered during the 2022 summer season. Around 1,200 people have joined the mission and collected and recorded their walking kilometres in Lenzerheide. The project is supported by prominent ambassadors such as Stefan Büsser, Alex Fiva, Nino Schurter, Lukas Brodmann, Martin Vincenz or the children's hero Globi. 

The «Mission to the Moon» continues seamlessly after the official end of the 2022 summer season last Sunday, 23 October 2022: In the special «November Challenge», not only can valuable kilometres be collected, but a weekend for two in Lenzerheide can also be won. Thanks to the November high in Arosa Lenzerheide, kilometres can also be covered at the higher altitudes on the weekends, including autumnal panoramic views. 

But even the snow should not deter a:n real:n space walker:in from the mission. In the 2022/23 winter season, the Lenzerheide Space Walk will continue with winter hiking and snowshoeing. Everyone can record kilometres - using the Outdooractive app, various fitness trackers or the manual Space Walk form on the website Lenzerheide Space Walk.