26 September 2021

Tante Carmen dances on the Piz Scalottas

In collaboration with a school class from Zorten, Tante Carmen produces the music video for the song "Alpetanz" on the Piz Scalottas. Together with the children, Tante Carmen shows the wonderful aspects of our national sport no. 1, hiking, in the form of a dance. The students accompany Aunt Carmen on her hiking day with the destination Piz Scalottas. Once at the top, everyone dances together in front of the delightful mountain scenery.

As chance would have it
The song was written and produced before the location was known. As chance would have it, however, it was written pretty much for Piz Scalottas (2'323m a.s.l.).

The song belongs to the new album «Busfahrt mit de Tante Carmen», from which she will perform at Zauberwald Lenzerheide 2021.

Aunt Carmen at the Magic Forest Lenzerheide 2021
Aunt Carmen will be at the Magic Forest Lenzerheide from December 10 to 13. Together with musicians and storytellers she will entertain our youngest guests there.