Local Museum / Gallery "Sala Parpan"

Local Museum / Gallery "Sala Parpan"


Museum Vaz/Obervaz
Voa da Solis 2
7082 Vaz/Obervaz, Zorten
Phone +41 81 385 21 59

The old rectory in Zorten, where Capuchin fathers worked from 1663 to 1933, is now home to the Vaz/Obervaz Museum.

The exhibitions document life and work in days gone by, the emergence of tourism in the extensive municipality of Vaz/Obervaz, sports anno dazumal on the Heid, as well as regional customs and traditions.

Art by well-known Swiss and/or local artists can be seen in changing exhibitions in the Sala Parpan gallery.

A separate exhibition is dedicated to the works of the Parisian artist Ferdinand Parpan - who donated more than 100 objects to his old homeland.

In the barn, the story of grain to bread is told around the old village mill.