534 Spundis Trail (GR 7)

Muddy winter weather and snowfall? Not to worry! Since you are almost always in the woods on this easy tour over the Brambrüesch plateau, it can also be completed without problems even if the weather is less than perfect.

The Brambrüesch, the home mountain of Chur, which extends to 2200 metres altitude with the peak of the historic Dreibündenstein, is located right around the corner from the historic part of town. About a quarter of an hour after you get on the gondola, you will find yourself exactly 1000 metres higher – in the middle of a natural snow paradise.

From the starting point at Brambrüesch, this easy circular tour first follows the winter hiking trail to the station of the ski lift. After a short ascent close to the lift, the trail branches to the right into an idyllic forest scenery with snow loaded trees. You are actually not far away from the lift and restaurans at Brambrüesch, but you walk through wonderful stillness until you get to a plain, which is ideal for a break. From the forest glade the trail then descents back to the starting point at the gondola station Brambrüesch.

This route is easy to hike and ideal for snowshoe novices. Because the terrain is gentle and practically the entire tour leads through the forest, it is can also be managed easily even with poor visibility or in snowfall. And in the rare case that the weather is in fact too bad: the Brambrüesch has several cozy mountain restaurants to offer where you can warm up again.