Arosa Card

All-Inclusive Summer Holidays

Enjoy added value with our Arosa Card

Valid during the Summer season from 13 June until 25 October 2020. Every guest receives the Arosa Card as of one overnight stay in an Arosa hotel, holiday apartment or campsite. The Arosa Card entitles guests to make use of many leisure activities free of charge – and as often as they want.
Lido lake Untersee | © Nina Mattli

Included activities and offers

  • Arosa Cable car Weisshorn, Hörnli Express and cable car Urdenbahn
  • Lenzerheide Cable car Rothorn, Tgantieni, Scalottas, Heidbüel
  • Train Arosa – Lüen-Castiel – Arosa
  • Local bus Arosa
  • Rope park Arosa
  • Pedalo and boat rental at lake "Obersee"
  • Lido lake "Untersee"
  • Ice rink Arosa
  • ChippinGolf
  • Driving Range Golf Club Arosa
  • Local history museum "Eggahuus"
  • Archery Parc Hochwang
Weisshorn Gondel | © Nina Mattli

Arosa and Lenzerheide Mountain railways

Within the Arosa Card all services and open facitilites of Arosa and Lenzerheide mountain railways is included.

  • Arosa Cable car Weisshorn, Hörnli Express and cable car Urdenbahn
  • Lenzerheide Cable car Rothorn, Tgantieni, Scalottas, Heidbüel

Important to know: There's no bike transport possible with the Arosa Card. For single journeys you can buy a ticket for the ascent including bike transport (discount of 30% with Arosa Card).

Tickets & Rates

Selling Points & Pricing

Sales outlets for the packages and Arosa Card

As a holiday guest staying in a hotel, holiday apartment or at a campsite for at least one night, you receive the Arosa Card (deposit CHF 5.00) when you pay your tourist tax. You receive the card from your host or from Arosa Tourism (upon presentation of the registration form).

  • Arosa Tourism, Sports and Conference Centre Arosa
  • Arosa Cable Car, Valley Station Arosa - Weisshorn
  • Arosa Cable Car, Valley Station Hörnli-Express


Individual offer
  • Rope park
  • Untersee Lido
  • Driving Range
  • Pedalo Obersee
  • ChippinGolf
  • Ice rink
  • Indoor playground bear Cave
  • Local museum
  • Arosa Bear Sanctuary
  • Arosa mountain railways
  • Hochwang archery park

Packages – what is included

Are you only in Arosa for the day but still want to make the most of it? Buy the perfect package at the sales outlets or use the individual offers while you are here.

Napa im Arosa Bärenland | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

Arosa Bear Sanctuary

  • cable car Arosa-Weisshorn
  • entry to Arosa Bear Sanctuary
  • local bus

CHF 20.00



Wandern Hauptijkopf | © Nina Mattli

Mountain Hike & Bike

  • Arosa & Lenzerheide mountain railways
  • bike transportation
  • local bus

CHF 48.00 for Arosa Lenzerheide or CHF 32.00 for Arosa

Pedalo Obersee | © Nina Mattli

Sport & Fun

  • rope park
  • Untersee lido
  • driving range (golf)
  • pedalo Obersee
  • ChippinGolf
  • local bus

CHF 25.00

Eissporthalle | © Nina Mattli

Rainy Daiys

  • indoor playground bear cave
  • local museum
  • ice rink
  • local bus

CHF 15.00

The tourism tax is incorporated in the All-Inclusive Card for overnight guests. Details regarding the tourism tax and the current tourism law can be found on the website of our Local Municipality.