2 September 2019

Running fun at OMM Alps in Lenzerheide

Wonderful views of almost 3,000 metres above sea level, running and hiking fun in the mountains of the Swiss Alps and an overnight camp in front of an impressive backdrop - that was the OMM Alps in Lenzerheide from 31 August to 1 September 2019.

Experience the mountains - that's OMM Alps!
It's Sunday, 1 September 2019, right in the middle of the Swiss mountains, under the starry sky, shortly before dawn: A group of alphorn players is playing. Little by little, sleepy but curious mountain and running friends crawl out of their tents. We are in the Overnight Camp of the OMM Alps 2019, where about 200 "mountain addicts" had set up camp. They had spent the day looking for checkpoints on various routes around Lenzerheide. This unexpected wake-up call was the start of another day of adventure and the finale of the cult event.

Sunshine, hailstorms and snow - exciting mountain conditions
At the beginning of the first day of the race, a surprise awaited the participants: they did not have to master the first metres of altitude themselves, but took the gondola to the mountain station of the Rothorn at an altitude of almost 3,000 m - much to the enthusiasm of the participants.
"This was a perfect start into the adventure", a team that had already participated in the last two OMM Alps events stated. "Compared to previous years, the terrain was quite different. Running above the tree line, navigating, sleeping - that's something special!
In the afternoon the first teams came to the Overnight Camp. Some made it before the weather changed: Suddenly a storm with hail, rain, thunderstorms and in the higher altitudes even snow made the teams' way harder.

Off to the finish
On Sunday the adventure continued until the finish in Lenzerheide. "That's a great format," two participants who took part in the OMM Alps for the first time find. "The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, we know that from few other events. We also found the planning of the route particularly exciting - here not only the legs, but also the head are in demand!

Point by point: How does the OMM work?
The basic idea of the OMM is as simple as it is captivating: to live and pass on the passion for the mountains. And there are numerous possibilities for the "how". OMM participants can choose their competition format according to their ambitions, experience and personal preferences.

But some rules apply to everyone: 
No one is alone at the OMM, because there are always two of you on the road. At the start the teams get their running cards, which become a faithful companion on the way to the intermediate goal of the first day (the overnight camp) and back to the finish. If they find the hidden checkpoints on the way, they get points for the final classification. You can choose between the time evaluation with a fixed sequence of points and the point evaluation. In the latter case, the participants are completely free to decide which checkpoints they want to run at and which they want to skip. A maximum running time is specified for each day. The teams take with them everything they need for the two days in the mountains. For the safety of the participants, OMM prescribes the equipment that must not be missing under any circumstances.