For Photo Enthusiasts

The Arosa Bucket List for Snappers

Almost as important as the perfect holiday experience is the associated photo. With our photo spots, anyone can become a snapper and Instagrammer - capture your postcard moment now!

#1: Arosa Railway Station

A station as a photo subject? Of course! 

The railway station in Arosa is in a beautiful position right by the Obersee lake. The wooden bench with the well-known Arosa logo is the perfect photo subject on arrival or just before you leave Arosa. 

Arosa Railway Station
Bergkirchli Arosa | © Arosa Tourismus

#2: Bergkirchli (mountain chapel]

What is more photogenic than the oldest building in Arosa? The Bergkirchli mountain chapel was completed in 1493 and has been one of the most well-known buildings in Arosa since then. In a beautiful position on a slope in central Arosa, it is an ideal photo subject. 

What’s more: it is also worth taking a picture of the view towards the village!

Bergkirchli mountain chapel

#3: Schwellisee lake

Crystal-clear water, impressive colours and a unique view - the Schwellisee lake has it all. As one of ten mountain lakes, the Schwellisee lake is a must on a photo tour through Arosa and is easily accessible with a short walk from central Arosa. 

Schwellisee lake
Altein Wasserfall Arosa | © Arosa Tourismus

#4: Altein Waterfalls

It is amazing to watch the quantity of water crashing down at the large and small Altein Waterfalls. Directly in front of the Schiesshorn, the water shoots almost 60 metres out of the rock face. This natural spectacle is particularly good to photograph from the natural platform on a convenient viewing bench. 

Large Altein Waterfall
Heimeli Sapün | © Arosa Tourismus

#5: Sapün

“Here all is right with the world”, a phrase often uttered by many visitors to the traditional Walser village of Sapün. And in fact: Sapün lies in the wild mountain valley between Chur and Arosa and makes an impression on its visitors with its cultural characteristics of past unspoilt nature and a unique sense of relaxation which can rarely be found in the fast-paced world of today. 

Sapün Walser settlement
Weisshorn Bär Arosa Bärenland | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

#6: Weisshorn Bear

An unmissable highlight for all photography enthusiasts is located on top of the Weisshorn. Powerful and immense, the Weisshorn Bear with its incomparable bravery standing at 2,653 metres above sea level is a popular photo point. 

Tip: Take a wish bracelet and tie it to the fur of the Weisshorn Bear. 

Weisshorn Bear
Ricola Erlebnisweg Arosa | ©  Ricola mit davidandkathrin

#7: Ricola Interactive Trail

Whether young or old, the Ricola Interactive Trail is certainly one of the most popular themed trails in Arosa. The extra-large picture frame with the spectacular mountain panorama in the background is the perfect subject for a postcard to the grandparents or the title image in the next family album. How will you put yourself in the picture frame?

Ricola Interactive Trail
Langwies 2.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#8: Langwies Viewpoint

The name says it all! From this viewpoint, you can enjoy a unique view of the Schanfigg Valley. In an idyllic position and far from Instagram hotspots, the Langwies View is almost an insider tip. Who will find the legendary Langwies viaduct first? 

Hiking suggestion
steinbock mit dorf -copyright-veit-fritz.jpg | © Veit Fritz

#9: Ibexes by Montalin

The ibex is possibly the most photographed animal in Swiss nature. And rightly so! Its imposing horns and masterful climbing skills make the wild animal so photogenic that cameras are pulled out each time it is seen. 

Tip: The chances of seeing an ibex in your lens are relatively good when hiking to the Montalin! 

Steinmanndli Gründjitobel Arosa | © Arosa Tourismus

Gründjitobel Steinmändli (land art)

Ein ganz besonderes Naturphänomen können Sie im Gründjitobel bei Langwies fotografieren. Aufgrund der Erderosion und den Gegebenheiten des Berges, kam es über viele Jahre zu den sogenannten "Steinmändli". Diese bestehen aus einer Säule aus Kies und Schotter und tragen einen grossen Stein als Kopf. Haben Sie das schon mal gesehen? 

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