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The Arosa Bucket List for New Discoveries

Do you think you already know Arosa well? We are sure that there are still one or more insider tips on our Bucket List for Explorers. Take a voyage of discovery through Arosa and the Schanfigg Valley!
Fotos_NM_AT_520-109.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#1: On the trail of the Walser

It is many years since the Walser settled in the valley between Chur and Arosa. But traces of that time can still be seen. A visit to the traditional Walser village of Sapün, to the idyllic Fondei, or the panoramic Medergen is an insider tip and guarantees an experience away from the hustle and bustle.

Discover the Schanfigg
Calfreisen-8.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#2: Bernegg castle

A trip back in time? This is possible if you visit the castle ruins in Calfreisen. The Bernegg castle is the ruin of a medieval hill castle and is sure to provide a few hidden treasures for young and old explorers. You can then visit the traditional “Gassa-Beizli” to hear exciting stories told by the locals.

Village association
Fondei 5.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#3: Discover Strassberg

The typical Walser settlement is one of the sights worth visiting up on the Strassberg. Here real explorers can experience the culture of a bygone era through a number of events. During the traditional “Liecht-Hengert” event you can discover more about the legendary Walser culture as you listen to exciting stories by candlelight. If you prefer something more classic, we recommend a tour of Strassberg and the guided tour by Gaby-Mattli-Hulftegger on the settlement history of the Fondei.

The Schanfigg
Dörferweg Schanfigg | © Arosa Tourismus

#4: Educational trail Protection.Forest.People

What role does the forest actually play for us humans? On this educational trail, you learn about the most important aspects of the two mission statements “World in Movement” and “Move the World”. The interactive posts on the hiking route from Arosa to Langwies, or in reverse, are designed in such a way that they become educational activities for both children and adults.

Educational trail Protection.Forest.People
Sennerei Maran.jpg | © Sennerei Maran

#5: Maran Alpine Dairy

All about cheese, or is it? The Maran Alpine Dairy collects the milk from the four surrounding Alps and processes it on site into cheese, tasty yogurts and much more. Looking over the shoulder of the cheese-maker is just as interesting as looking in the different windows displaying the cheese.

Maran Alpine Diary
Biogarten Schanfigg Arosa | © Arosa Tourismus

#6: Off to the herb beds

Yes, even at 1,800 metres above sea level it is possible to plant such interesting things. Visit the Maran Alpine Garden, ideally for one of the public guided tours, and discover exactly what is researched and discovered here. Somewhat lower down in the Schanfigg Valley, the organic garden in Pagig attracts visitors with its tasty herbs and fresh vegetables straight from the garden.

Dörferweg Schanfigg | © Arosa Tourismus

#7: Schanfigg village trail

The Schanfigg village trail connects the settlements between Chur and Arosa and guarantees unspoilt nature and panoramic views as well as traditional village culture. Lace up your walking shoes and step back in time as you walk through time though the traditional settlements. A detour to the farm shop and a brief chat at the village well complete this authentic experience.

Schanfigg village trail
Langwieser Viadukt | © Arosa Tourismus

#8: Langwies viaduct

The Langwies viaduct is an architectural construction of great importance to the history of the valley. What was built here more than 100 years ago represents pioneering work in a class of its own.  The concrete and steel bridge with a span width of 284 m can be easily explored on a hike towards Langwies or directly by train with the Rhaetian Railway. 


#9: ArosaAkademie

For those who don’t want to switch off their brain and do nothing on holiday, the ArosaAkademie is the perfect place. Here the focus is on the transfer of knowledge relating to sustainability via various courses and workshops. How is honey actually made and where are the wild animals in Arosa?

Kulturhuus Schanfigg | © Arosa Tourismus

#10: Kulturhuus Schanfigg

The old building, known as the Kulturhuus Schanfigg, is the cultural meeting point for locals and guests. There are film presentations, lectures, exhibitions and many more discoveries for those interested in culture and history.

Kulturhuus Schanfigg

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