Hiking in Lenzerheide

Promising hiking holidays in the heart of Graubünden

In Lenzerheide, hikers, trail runners and nature lovers discover varied hiking trails, fragrant Alpine meadows and the sparkling Heidsee amidst the impressive mountain panorama. The Lenzerheide holiday region offers breezy mountain peaks, scenic panoramic routes and entertaining theme trails. Many cozy fire pits, rustic huts or the numerous restaurants on the mountain and in the village invite you to linger. In addition, the ice-cold mountain streams or the idyllic Heidsee provide for a refreshing cooling.

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On the network of paths with the yellow signposts proceed hiking trails. Those are additionally signalled with green, square hash signs and show the best offers in our hiking region. In addition, numerous other trails are waiting to be explored.

Jetzt Wandertouren entdecken
Trail Running Lenzerheide | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Discover Trail Running

With fast grip through the mountain landscape
Hiking is too boring for you? Then discover the Lenzerheide holiday region with your running shoes. With the varied network of paths in the hilly terrain and the narrow paths through forests and over alpine meadows, every trail runner will find his or her own personal favourite route. Breathtaking views of the Grisons mountain peaks and an undisturbed experience of nature are guaranteed.

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The large network of trails of Graubünden serve a variety of sports. So, especially mountain bikers are allowed to access the trails. Local restrictions are signalled. Mutual consideration prevents conflicts and provides an unspoilt nature for all.

You have determined deficiencies of trails or signs during your walk or hike in Arosa Lenzerheide? Please report the defects at the following link. This will help us to continue and ensure a high quality of trails. Thank you very much for your participation.

Please note that dogs must be kept on a leash in the area of Vaz/ Obervaz. This applies to the residential areas, quiet zones, playgrounds and the entire Heidsee lake area. Disregard for this rule is punishable with a fine of CHF 100.00. Thank you for your understanding.

Come and experience our wonderful hospitality against the backdrop of a stunning Mountain View. There are numerous mountain restaurants in Lenzerheide affording outstanding views whose sun terraces will invite you to stay and relax.


Suckler cows

Suckler cows spend the summer with their calves on various mountain pastures. The suckler cows, concerned about the protection of their calves, can feel threatened by approaching people and animals. Therefore, certain rules of conduct must be observed.

Code of conduct

Cattle, similar to people, have their own personal space. An animal might feel threatened if this space is invaded. Attacks on humans tend to occur for a reason, and most commonly happen when an animal is trying to protect itself or the herd (in particular their young).

If at all possible, keep your distance from cattle to avoid them becoming agitated. Always move quietly past the animals.

Mother cows want to protect their calves. They don’t like strangers touching their young. Calves tend to rest hidden away from the herd.

Mother cows always keep an eye on their calves and might react aggressively if they feel that their young are threatened. Never approach or touch a calf.

Cattle perceive dogs as a predator, no matter what their size or appearance. Therefore, they become very protective of their herd.

Keep your dog on a lead. Move quietly, and, if possible, around the herd, avoiding any contact.