new sledging experience


Are you ready for the LIGHT RIDE challenge?

The new LIGHT RIDE night sledging experience in Lenzerheide is not for the faint of heart. Multi-sensory light installations and music accompany you on the sometimes rough ride towards the valley. Overcome dark passages, waves, hollows, measure your skill and break the speed record. Are you ready for this challenge? Buy your ticket now and be soon named LIGHT RIDER!

The LIGHT RIDE is located on the Scharmoin-Canols sledging run and can be reached via the cable car Rothorn 1.


Light Ride Lenzerheide | © Cemil Erkoc

Buy a ticket and rent a sledge

The number of tickets and rental sledges is limited. A wooden sledge is recommended. Plastic bobsleds are not suitable.

🛷 I bring my own sledge

  • Buy ticket(s)* online in the ticket shop.
  • Register for one transponder per sledge in the online form.
  • Collect the transponder at the cash point.
  • Go to the start and collect time credits.

🥾 I need a sledge

  • Rent your sledge in the online shop at Pesko Sport. The number of rental sledges is limited.
  • The sled is registered by Pesko Sport for the LIGHT RIDE.
  • Buy ticket(s)* online in the ticket shop.
  • Pick up your sledge with transponder at Pesko Sport**.
  • Go to the start and collect time credits.

*With the purchase of a LIGHT RIDE ticket, one transponder (communication device for the LIGHT RIDE) per sledge is included.

Guests with a TOPCARD, Annual Pass Arosa Lenzerheide Local and Annual Pass Lenzerheide Local can use the mountain railways free of charge. A transponder can be rented separately for CHF 9.00 at the ticket office of the mountain railways. A photo ID or driving licence is required as a deposit for the transponder.

**Rental of a sledge only possible on presentation of a valid ID.

Cemil Erkoc  | © Light Ride Lenzerheide

Operation hours

Operating days
Wednesday evening (until 31 March 2021)
Saturday evening (until 3 April 2021)

Operation hours

Rothorn 1: 6.00 - 10.00 pm
Lighting Light Ride: 6.00 - 10.00 pm
Ticket office Rothorn: 6.00 - 10.15 pm

Sledge rental Pesko Rothorn valley station

Available from 6.00 pm. Sledge must be returned before 10.00 pm.
**Rental of a sledge only possible on presentation of a valid ID.

Light Ride Lenzerheide | © Cemil Erkoc


Rent standard sledge
CHF 12.00
Rent sports sledge (Swiss Racer)
CHF 19.00
Adults (from 27 years)
CHF 29.00
Young adults (18 to 26 years) 
CHF 24.00
Young people (13 to 17 years)
CHF 19.00
Children (6 to 12 years)
CHF 15.00

Sledge rental

If you do not have an own sledge for the LIGHT RIDE, you can rent a sledge incl. transponder directly at the Rothorn valley station at Pesko Sport.

If you already have a sledge, you can rent a single transponder for the LIGHT RIDE at the ticket office of the Rothorn valley station cable car.

Rates sleigh rental

Standard sledge CHF 12.00
Sports sledge (Swiss Racer) CHF 19.00
Spielregeln Light Ride Lenzerheide | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Game rules and gameplay LIGHT RIDE

Where do you start?
Ride the gondolas to the Scharmoin middle station and test your riding skills on the first part until you reach the start of the LIGHT RIDE.

The aim of the LIGHT RIDE is to ride the lowest overall time. Along the way, the «Light Riders» must try to collect as many time credits as possible at various stations. But be careful, there are also time bonuses lurking around!

The winner is the «Light Rider» with the lowest time in the overall evaluation, considering the time credits.

The «Light Riders» will be called acoustically to take up their starting positions. Four riders can start at a time. As soon as the countdown light turns from red to green, the start is made and the timing begins individually for each «Light Rider».

Clap hands to high-five and win seconds!

The «Light Riders» ride through a light and sound installation.

Catch the bonus points and skilfully avoid the minus points. All icons that the «Light Rider» drives over are credited.                          

This is where the top speed is called for! The speed reached is deducted from the «Light Riders» total time in seconds.  

The light installation in the hairpin bend shows the «Light Riders» the way.

The «Light Riders» ride through the legendary light tunnel, a fascinating art installation with a driving sound.

Done! The «Light Riders» cross the finish line in the final sprint and release a fanfare. Please smile, you are being photographed!

The results of each «Light Rider» will be evaluated and published on the monitor at the valley station. In addition, each registered «Light Rider» will receive an evaluation with the detailed results and a link to their finish photo by e-mail.

«Light Riders» who have registered with a group will receive the results and the photo links to the group e-mail address they provided when registering.

Light Ride Lenzerheide | © Cemil Erkoc

Leaderboard LIGHT RIDE

Who will be «Light Rider Of The Year»? See all the results in the leaderboard.

LIGHT RIDE Lenzerheide | © Cemil Erkoc


If the event is sold out, tickets for the LIGHT RIDE are not available on site or online. Guests with a TOPCARD, Annual Pass Arosa Lenzerheide Local, Annual Pass Lenzerheide Local and RSO winners are exempt from this limitation. Please note that the number of sledges is limited.

No, guests with the graubündenCARD need a separate ticket for the LIGHT RIDE.

Sledging is not for the faint-hearted! The better equipped you are, the more fun the experience will be. The perfect equipment `includes:

  • Stable wooden sledge
  • helmet
  • good shoes (hiking boots, snowboard boots, good winter shoes)
  • ski suit
  • ski goggles with transparent lenses

To be prepared for the sledding experience, you will receive some tips and tricks.

  • To make sure you can still see through the dark passages, it's best to wear transparent glasses or a headlamp.
  • The earlier you arrive in the evening, the fewer waves and bumps there are, and you can break speed records.
  • You are faster on waves and bumps with a stable wooden sledge.
  • At low temperatures (minus degrees) there are fewer waves and bumps. Are you already a pro? No problem, the warmer the days, the harder the challenge!

We recommend participation with a stable sled. Plastic bobsleds are permitted but not recommended. No liability can be accepted for damage to sledges and bobsleds.

As many times as you like. The LIGHT RIDE ticket is valid continuously from 18.00 to 22.00. 3 to 4 rides should be possible.

You can rent a sledge directly at the valley station at Pesko Sport. You must reserve this in advance (number of sledges is limited).

The transponder is a chip. This is registered at the start and finish as well as various posts along the route, so that after the ride you receive your time including time credits for completing the challenges.

Yes, it is possible to sledge without a transponder. However, you will not receive any results or a photo.