20 Miles Chur - Lenzerheide

From 2003 - 2014 the Graubünden Marathon took place annually. This was considered one of the toughest mountain marathons in Europe and also had a 20 miles route.

The start is in Chur on the Quaderwiese, from there it leads through the old town on the road Chur-Arosa to sand. Over a gravel road it continues to Passugg. In Passugg the route leads around the building of the beverage manufacturer Passugger and leaves the road again on a dirt road. From Passugg the route follows the Polenweg to Churwalden. In Churwalden the route first goes through the village and then towards Büel, Foppa. From Foppa it goes down via Mittelberg to Parpan. From there the route leads over the Parpanerhöhe to Valbella. From Canols it continues once around the Heidsee to Lenzerheide.