35th Planoiras Folk Cross-Country Skiing Race

Traditional cross-country skiing event in Lenzerheide

On Sunday, 12 January 2020, the Planoiras folk cross-country skiing race, a traditional cross-country race, will take place for the 35th time in the Lenzerheide holiday region.

Challenge yourself over 25 fantastic and interesting kilometres (or 12.5 km at the Planoirino) through the snow-covered winter landscape of the Lenzerheide holiday region between the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide in Lantsch/Lenz and Parpan. Every year there are over 400 participants from all over Europe. One day earlier, on Saturday, 11 January 2020, the 23rd Planoiras Youth Race and the 4th Heja Heja Special Olympics snowshoe and cross-country race will take place. We are already looking forward to your participation and wish you a good preparation. 

General information

Start Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide in Lantsch/Lenz
Finish Luziuswiese Lenzerheide
Competition Free technique, tracks for the classical technique are available on the whole course.
Registration deadline  

Online: Friday, 10 January 2020 (until 12.00 pm)

Late registrations: Can be booked up to one hour before the start at the race office.
Entry fee

Planoiras: CHF 50.00 (late registrations CHF 70.00)

Planoirino: CHF 35.00 (late registrations CHF 45.00)
Race office/

starting number issuance

School gym hall Lenzerheide

Saturday, 11 January 2020: 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Sunday, 12 January 2020: 7.30 am to 10.00 am

Start fields/start times

Elite/Elite A: 10.30:00 am,
Main class A: 10.31:30 am,
Main class B: 10.33:00 am,

Planoirino: 10.34:30 am

Afterwards the pasta party and the award ceremony will take place in the school gym hall Lenzerheide.
Organizer Association LLC Bual

The bib must be handed over to the helpers in the yellow west after the race in the finish area. Not returned bibs will be charged with CHF 50.00 to the athlete.

Routes and Altitude Profile

The route from Planoiras (25 km) leads from the Biathlon Arena in Lantsch/Lenz via Lenzerheide and Valbella to Parpan. Return via Valbella to Luziuswiese, where the finish line is close to the Lenzerheide school gym hall (race office, pasta party, rank announcements).
The Planoirino (12.5 km) starts in the Biathlon Arena in Lantsch/Lenz and leads via Lenzerheide to Valbella and back. The finish is also on the Luziuswiese in Lenzerheide.
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Starting Blocks

The OK defines the criteria for the start block division; the results of the previous year are automatically taken into account. Applications for reallocations should be sent early by e-mail to Maurin Malär (e-mail: maurin.malaer@lenzerheide). Requests for reallocation will be examined by the OC. The decisions are final and cannot be contested. Late registrations will generally be placed in the last block.

Swiss-Ski squad members
Elite Engadin Skimarathon 2019 Ladies/Men
1-30 Planoiras Overall 2019 Men
1-3 Planoiras Overall 2019 Ladies
Elite A
Elite A Engadin Skimarathon 2019 Ladies/Men
31-100 Planoiras Overall 2019 Men
4-10 Planoiras Overall 2019 Ladies

Main class A
Elite B Engadin Skimarathon 2019 Ladies/Men
101-250 Planoiras Overall 2019 Men
11-30 Planoiras Overall 2019 Ladies
Main class B
All participants who do not meet the criteria of Elite, Elite A, Main Class A.
Within the Planoirino there is no start block division.

Participation Swiss-Loppet
Membership of Swiss Ski is a prerequisite for participation in Swiss-Loppet. In order to be included in the overall standings, each run requires registration with the P-No. (= member number on the Swiss Ski pass). No results will be considered retroactively.

Participation Worldloppet

The Planoiras is new a member of the Worldloppet racing calendar. The Worldloppet racing calendar includes 20 long dance races on five continents where points can be collected for the overall ranking.

Price money

Men   Women
1. CHF 1'000.00 5. CHF 200.00 1. CHF 1'000.00
2. CHF 600.00 6. CHF 150.00 2. CHF 600.00
3. CHF 400.00 7. CHF 100.00 3. CHF 400.00
4. CHF 300.00 8. CHF 100.00  

Toko Wax Tip

Activ Sport Baselgia presents the official wax tip for the 35th Planoiras cross-country race. Wax service is possible on Saturday in Lenzerheide and at the Biathlon Arena in Lantsch/Lenz, on Sunday only in the Biathlon Arena in Lantsch/Lenz. The Toko wax tip will be posted here on Friday, 10 January, 2020.

Directions and Parking

By public transport you can reach Chur by SBB or RhB. From Chur the post bus takes you to Lenzerheide. By car, follow the signs from the Chur Süd motorway exit to Lenzerheide. 

The parking spaces for participants are located directly around the Lenzerheide school gym hall. You will receive a valid parking ticket (valid on 11 and 12 January 2020) at the race office and can put it behind the windscreen. All other parking spaces in the Lenzerheide holiday region are subject to a charge. Shuttle buses run between the race office and the starting area.

Transportation in the holiday region

Changing rooms and Depot Effects

You will receive your personal effects bag at the race number distribution in the race office in the multi-purpose hall Lenzerheide. At the same place you will also find the effects depot where you can pick up your bag after the race. The effects bag will be transported from the start in the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide in Lantsch/Lenz to the effects depot in Lenzerheide.

Showers / toilets / changing rooms:
Toilets are available at the start in the Biathlon Arena in Lantsch/Lenz.
Changing rooms/showers/toilets are located in the local school gym hall Lenzerheide.


Every participant must have a personal liability insurance. The organiser declines any liability towards participants, spectators and third persons.

Please note that any transponders not returned will be charged at CHF 100.00 per participant.

23rd Planoiras Youth Race

Saturday, 11 January 2020

The Planoiras Youth Race is a popular junior race that has a fixed point in the racing calendar of many junior athletes. Every year, almost 200 athlets from near and far participate.

Start / Finish Luziuswiese Lenzerheide

Individual start and tracking according to Gundersen

1st competition: single start, classic
2nd competition: Gundersen method, free
The registration takes place by club via KWO or exceptionally with missing the Swiss-Ski licence by club via e-mail to anmeldung@lenzerheide-timing.ch.
Registration deadline

Pre-registration: until Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Late registrations: at the race office
Entry fee
CHF 15.00 (late registrations CHF 20.00)

Race office/starting number issuance

School gym hall Lenzerheide

Saturday, 11 January 2020: 8.30 until 9.30 am

Start times

Single start: 9.45 am,

Gundersen method: 1.15 pm

Afterwards the award ceremony takes place in the school gym hall Lenzerheide
Information Simon Morscher, M +41 79 222 61 40, simi_morscher@yahoo.de

4. Heja Heja Special Olympics Snowshoe and Cross-Country Race

The Heja Heja Special Olympics will take place on Saturday, 11 January 2020 at Luziuswiese in Lenzerheide. The three disciplines inspire participants and spectators.

Start / Finish Luziuswiese Lenzerheide
Level 1, 500 m, cross country, interval start, classic
Level 2, 1000m, cross country, interval start, classic and skating
Level 3, 500 m, snowshoe hike, interval start
Registration is by club via Special Olympics Switzerland until 8 December 2019.
Entry fee
CHF 25.00 (incl. lunch)

Race office/
starting number issuance

School gym Hall Lenzerheide

Saturday, 11 January 2020 from 9.30 am

Start times

Level 1: 11.30 am

Level 2: 11.45 am

Level 3: 12.00 pm

Final runs of all categories at 2.45 pm

Afterwards the award ceremony takes place in the school gym hall Lenzerheide.

Christoph Schmid, M +41 79 405 35 44, schmid@specialolympics.ch or

Simon Morscher, M +41 79 222 61 40, simi_morscher@yahoo.de

Retrospect 34th Planoiras Folk Cross-Country Skiing Race

Rankings and personal photos in retrospect

On 13 January 2019, around 400 people took part in the traditional event in Lenzerheide during intense snowfall and strenuous cross-country skiing conditions. 
We congratulate all participants on their performance. Follow the buttons below to access the rankings and your personal photos.

Main Sponsor:

Maurin Malär
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