12 October 2020

Fyooz tokenizes a world famous tourism destination

Schanfiggerstrasse | © Nina Mattli

Whilst tourism is suffering huge deficits from the global pandemic, chiefs recognise that for locations to continue relevance and stay in contact with tourists that they must find new ways for people to feel connected to location offerings. Through tokenization, people can stay connected with tourism locations which they love and in so doing reap new benefits, in experiences and yield.

Arosa, the world famous destination and ski resort in the Swiss Alps has tokenized itself on blockchain to allow its admirers stay connected by investing in Arosa tokens, available now on the Fyooz marketplace.

Arosa is a World Cup venue in #FISAlpine #FISCrossCountry #biathlonworld. The road to Arosa winds its way up the Schanfigg valley in over 200 curves.

Now, on Fyooz, people can invest in a piece of Switzerland for a limited time and as a result put a name on a favorite curve that leads to Arosa. This chosen name will be publicly available in the curve video. Curve token investors who get their name on one of the famous curves will be issued with a personal Arosa Curve certificate. The first ten Curves will be assigned on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Arosa, a tourist location framed by an imposing mountain landscape at 1,800m above sea level guarantees sun, alpine air, and is a haven for athletes such as skiers, mountain walkers, bikers, golfers and tennis aces. Not to mention the thrill seeking classic car drivers who seek the curves every year.

Mr Pascal Jenny, Tourism Director of Arosa said: “We are delighted that Arosa is collaborating with Fyooz to make it possible to trade in Arosa tokens. Start investing in this paradise, invest now and enjoy nature. Blockchain and digital is the future.”

Fyooz, the platform for people to invest in what they love, is very proud to announce this first use case in tourism. For Fyooz updates, please see achievements.

Mr Remo Prinz, CEO of Fyooz added: “Arosa tokens represent how it is possible for people to stay close to what they love, invest in what they love and reap rewards for doing so. Blockchain is a technology that is revolutionizing the world. For the times we now live in, it is more important than ever to stay connected. Fyooz is a platform that intends to help people all over the world to stay connected and in so doing reap benefits”.

About Fyooz
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