Langwies - Pirigen - Blackter Fürggli - Fondei - Langwies

Semi-difficult hike from Langwie to Pirigen and via the juicy green meadows to the Blaggter Fürggli, the highest point of the hike. Aftwards the hike descents to the high valley Fondei. Enjoy the culinary highlights and amazing views across the whole valley.

From the starting point Langwies the hike starts with a stroll through the village where it is worth taking a look inside the Holzzeichen-Hüttli (wooden sign hut). From there the trail keeps going towards Pirigen until you reach the tree line at the mountain restaurant Pirigen on 1,773m above sea level. Pirigen is a starting point for many hikes. If you chose the hike to Blackter Fürggli (2,141m) you may take the trail via Campadiel or via Nufsch. After the Blackter Fürggli the trail leads across Alpine meadows to Fondeil with the Skihouse Casanna (1,944m). It is recommended to take a break at the restaurant and enjoy the view. The last section continues downhill along the Fondei river all the way back to Langwies.