In-Store Bakery Doris

In-Store Bakery Doris


Hausbäckerei Doris
Pradafänzerwäg 2
7075 Churwalden
Mobile +41 78 410 67 12

local specialties
Pam cun Paira Vaz da seura: pear bread baked in a wood oven, made from the finest ingredients and "Gran-Alpin" wheat flour
Churwalden pear bread: The specialty of the region
Churwalden nut cake: Graubünden specialty par excellence
Churwalden Totenbeinli: The fine almond pastry with nuts

on order
Cakes according to your wish: Doris Stricker is happy to advise you over a cup of coffee at her coffee bar!
Rippli in bread: Your take-away dinner for any occasion!

day Products
Homemade bread light and dark
fresh butter croissants
various cakes, sliced and frozen
fine Rogues
Linzer tarts
Selection of local cheeses
Tock meat specialties
fine Graubünden and Hirschsalsize
Dairy products and fresh organic eggs

Every Thursday from 5.00 pm - during the winter season
Pizza (possible pre-order!) In four different variations

Saturday, during the winter season from 9.00 am, while stocks last

Fresh meat loaf out of the oven
on Saturdays
addition to the daily range:
Wood oven bread rye bread, carefully prepared and baked in a wood-fired oven (pre-order possible!)
Butter challahs (possible pre-order!) In three different sizes