10 February 2021

Digital edition of the Planoiras Folks Cross-Country Skiing Race was a success

Digital edition of the Planoiras Folks Cross-Country Skiing Race was a success
The digital edition of the 36th Planoiras Folks Cross-Country Skiing Race, which was developed together with tracord.ch and supported by Unifil, the long-standing sponsor, was a success. Despite the changed race format, over 100 cross-country skiers took part in the event, some of them even more than once.

Different course layout
The route of the digital edition was not on the original course. Nevertheless, the alternative route of 12 kilometres with start and finish at the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide in Lantsch/Lenz was considered beautiful and challenging. The runners had the choice between the "Planoiras" (23.5 km - two laps) or the "Planoirino" (12 km - one lap). The running time for the ranking was recorded via GPS watch or sports app.

Determine your start time
The digital edition made it possible to determine the start time oneself, i.e. when it suited one's daily routine best, when the snow conditions were deemed good enough or when the weather played along best. Freedom that was appreciated by some. Even if the thrill of standing in line at the start as a participant and waiting for the starting signal was lost.

Livio Corsini and Urs Baselgia with best times
The fastest over the two laps was Livio Corsini with a time of 59:08 minutes. Second was Arno Baselgia with 1:01:23 and third OC President Urs Baselgia (LLC Bual) with 1:05:12. The Fastest woman was Mira Irion with a time of 1:12:30. Over the single lap Urs Baselgia was the best in 33:41 minutes ahead of Nuno Arioli (35:46 minutes) and Robin Bläsi (36:23 minutes). The Fastest woman was Anina Hutter in 36:42 minutes.

We thank all participants of the 36th Planoiras Volkslanglauf and look forward to the 37th Planoiras 2022.