26 September 2019

Lenzerheide becomes Bike Kingdom

Lenzerheide is already one of the best mountain bike destinations in Europe. The holiday region wants to further expand its leadership status for the coming summer season 2020 and will reposition its entire mountain bike communication: Lenzerheide becomes "Bike Kingdom". With the creation of "Bike Kingdom", the topic of mountain biking in Lenzerheide will receive the size and importance that has been worked towards in recent years. "Bike Kingdom" should create a platform that will position Lenzerheide as the mountain bike destination in the Alps for decades to come.

The launch of "Bike Kingdom" gives the obvious a name. The epic landscapes of the Bike Region around Lenzerheide, Arosa and Chur, with their pointed rocks, wild valleys, torrential brooks and the wide, beautiful nature, lay the foundation stone for the naming of "Bike Kingdom". In combination with the action-packed and competitive character of mountain biking, this results in a self-confident positioning that perfectly suits Lenzerheide. The holiday region consciously wants to distance itself from an exchangeable mountain bike communication and with "Bike Kingdom" gives not only the theme itself, but also the loyal and new fans their own identity.

Two highlights of the coming season are the new "Bike Kingdom" app, which will be more than just a guide, but will eclipse everything that has been done before by means of interaction and gamification, as well as an opening film, which, thanks to the internationally renowned production company Anthill Films and the hero rider Tommy G, will also attract attention beyond the bike scene. The big "Bike Kingdom" Opening will take place from 19 to 21 June 2020.

Lenzerheide produces the Bike Film of the Year
The starting point of the new platform is a joint film project by Anthill Films (Canada), the athlete Thomas Genon (Belgium) and the Lenzerheide holiday region. The goal: nothing less than a tribute to the bike sport itself. The shooting with Thomas Genon alias "Tommy G", one of the best mountain bikers worldwide, is currently taking place in Lenzerheide. In recent years, the 25-year-old took part in the most important slopestyle competitions of the FMB World Tour and won one medal after the other. While there is no way around him in the mountain bike scene, his popularity is still rather small, which will change with the launch of "Bike Kingdom" at the latest.

The "Bike Kingdom" App as a digital playground
The technical mountain bikers have been recording their rides with Fitness Tracker Apps such as Sportstracker, Strava or Garmin via Smartphone GPS for years. Lenzerheide's new mobile app builds on this trend and allows users to combine their trail rides in Lenzerheide with the "Bike Kingdom" app, creating a completely new digital bike trail playground. The speed, the distance covered as well as every vertical meter ridden can be experienced. The mountain is transformed into a virtual game, which helps to shape the bike experience and creates a fascinating symbiosis between the real and the digital world of action sports.