11 March 2020

Lenzerheide brings the 2022 World Ski Championships of the airlines to Graubünden

© Ferienregion Lenzerheide

From 13 to 18 March 2022, the Airline World Ski Championships will return to Lenzerheide after 19 years. The World Ski Championships, where only employees of airlines compete against each other, will take place in Lenzerheide for the second time since 2003. The awarding of the event took place last week at the Big White Ski Resort in Canada as part of the World Ski Championships of the airlines 2020. 

The annual World Airlines Ski Championship (WASC) is an international winter sports competition. Numerous airline ski teams participate in the championships on a professional basis. The annual event is attended exclusively by airline employees from various departments of an airline, such as pilots, flight attendants, dispatchers, crew planning or ground staff. 

The competition is organized by the International Airlines Ski Federation (IASF) in cooperation with popular world-class ski resorts. The Lenzerheide holiday region is looking forward to holding the event in the Arosa Lenzerheide winter sports region in 2022.

The World Ski Championships of the airlines are a refreshing addition to the event calendar of the holiday region of Lenzerheide and confirm that Lenzerheide has established itself as a top event destination in the minds of the international community. «In the duel with Sochi, Lenzerheide was able to convince the teams of the various airlines of its merits with its offer,» said Marc Schlüssel, Head of Marketing for the Lenzerheide holiday region, happily.

Around 40 airlines are expected to take part in the airline World Ski Championships over the course of a week with around 500 participants. Visitors from far-away countries in particular often spend a few days in the destination before or even after the event, thus generating welcome overnight stays in the winter season that is coming to an end. Various service providers in the Lenzerheide holiday region are to be taken into account in the planning and implementation of the event.