19 December 2019

Lenzerheide ist getting ready for FIS Tour de Ski

It won't be long before the cross-country skiing fever breaks out in Lenzerheide. On the weekend between Christmas and New Year, 28th and 29th December 2019, the international cross-country skiing elite will be making their fourth guest appearance in Lenzerheide. Preparations for the Coop FIS Tour de Ski performance by Le Gruyère AOP 2019/20 in Lenzerheide are currently in full swing.

It is the big and long-awaited cross-country event of the season in the Lenzerheide holiday region: the start of the Coop FIS Tour de Ski performance by Le Gruyère AOP 2019/20, which will take place in the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide in Lantsch/Lenz. A total of 193 athletes from 24 countries are expected. With them, 241 coaches, trainers and other staff members will be travelling.

In contrast to two years ago, when the FIS Tour de Ski Lenzerheide was last held, the situation regarding snow is tense. Although it snowed after a long wait in the last few weeks and technical snowmaking was possible thanks to the cold temperatures, the announced warm temperatures and the foehn in the these days will cause frowning. «I wouldn't call it a shaking party - we'll certainly get it right. But it is a challenge,» says Hannes Parpan confidently. So the first 3 kilometres of the 3.75 kilometre long course are already prepared for the pursuit races. Intensive work is being done on the extension and snow is being brought in from various locations in the Lenzerheide holiday region.

While in recent years temporary buildings have been erected for various Nordic events, this season there will be a new acquisition of the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide, which will benefit both the FIS Tour de Ski and the IBU Youth & Junior World Championships Biathlon. «We have decided to permanently install the temporarily constructed 44 containers next to the Nordic House», says managing director Silvio Baselgia. During the major events the containers will serve as a wax container and competition office, during the remaining time they will provide additional office space and further storage for the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide. «We are delighted that this investment will further enhance our attractiveness as an event location and that the facility will be used by various partners,» says Baselgia.

We are looking forward to your visit at the FIS Tour de Ski Lenzerheide!