12 May 2020

«The Legend of Tommy G» - The starting signal for the Bike Kingdom

Finally the time has come: Lenzerheide is starting into a new bike era and presents a first highlight of the new Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide with the film «The Legend of Tommy G».

Every kingdom needs a legend – and so does the new Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide.

The story of Tommy G
The landscape of the Bike Kingdom is at least as varied as Tommy G's riding, so that the 25-year-old Belgian can make full use of his versatility. He breaks the sound barrier. He rides over water. Sure, "that's why they call him Tommy G-esus," admires Cameo Jackson Goldstone. Thomas shows his skills in the rugged lunar landscape of the high alpine biking region in Lenzerheide. To Rob Warner's comment, he blasts down the World Cup track and blows up the berms. When he jumps over the kickers, he sometimes has so much airtime that the crew has to extend the landing while Tommy G is still in the air. Not only Cam and Tyler McCaul are amazed. Of course, the bike community is also aware of this much legendary action and so heavyweights like Tomas Lemoine, Brett Rheeder, Casey Brown, Brook Macdonald, Thomas Vanderham or Emil Johansson speculate right at the beginning of the clip about what the Belgian is actually up to. The solution: He is working on the legend of Tommy G at Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide.

New trails and offers
We have made sure that the Bike Kingdom playground never gets boring. In summer, nine kilometres of new single trails will be opened. The Biketicket to Ride routes have been made even more interesting and the FLOWline in the Lenzerheide Bikepark will be extended.

An extra Bike Kingdom App
The new Bike Kingdom App is your compass in Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide!
Find tours and trails, check live information such as weather, open facilities or webcams and in the personal feed you will find relevant news and products. 
In combination with the App Strava you can add a digital dimension to your bike experience.
Compete with your friends and be rewarded for biking.