766 Arosa Weisshorn

This half-day trip will be heavily rewarded with a fantastic 360° mountain panorama view on the Weisshorn peak. Nonetheless, you should not underestimate the steep ascent and descent to and from the peak. During the summer season, various huts invite you to take a break along the way.

This hike leads you to Arosa’s highest mountain peak and offers unparalleled views across the entire hiking and skiing area. The starting point is located at the middle station of the Arosa Weisshorn gondola. The trail then continuously ascents between meadows and moss covered scenery while maintaining sweeping view down the Schanfigg Valley. The last climb to the peak, after the Sattelhut (not in service in summer) involved mainly boulders and slip rocks. Once at the top, a 360° mountain panorama awaits you, along with Europe’s highest bakery at the peak restaurant.

Similar to the ascent, the descent is characterised by a steep path to the Carmenna hut (in service summer and winter). The trail then meanders between meadows and passed the Alpenblick restaurant down to Innerarosa. We recommend a small detour and pit stop at the Bergkirchli and the local history museum of Arosa (Heimatmuesum – please consider opening times).