43 Jakobsweg Tour

Scenic pass and valley landscapes on the Jakobsweg route through multifaceted Graubünden. Historic cultural signs of the Santiago pilgrim’s path – and stunning scenery inviting one to reflect on own values and the beauty of nature.

Graubünden’s 150 km route between Müstair and Mustér (Disentis) presents the stunning valley landscapes of the Münstertal and dreamy Susaunatal, deep Schanfigg and varied Cadi– together with the four challenging passes, Costainer, Scaletta, Strela and Chrüzlipass.

 Physical efforts are however rewarded by the sight of picturesque Graubünden villages nestled between beautiful valley landscapes. Each valley portrays an independent community concerning history, culture, religion and laws. In fact, Graubünden reflects a concentrated picture of European variety – where the Jakobsweg Graubünden leads from east to west through the impressive region.

 Müstair with signs of Middle Ages lifestyle – and preceding Chur, Switzerland’s oldest town, Tschiertschen’s cathedral (Jakobskirche), displaying a mural from the hand of the Waltensburg master. And before Disentis, numerous traces remind one of the ancient pilgrims’ paths. From Amsteg the way then leads through the Urnerland to the National Route 4 ViaJacobi.