630 Hochwang - Peisteralp

The Hochwang – Peisteralp route is a delight for all bike riders. After a descent to Molinis, the route climbs briskly and conttinues all the way to the Skihaus Hochwang. From there you return to Arosa via Peisteralp, Pirigen and Langwies.

The circular tour to the Schanfigg Valley is of an attractive. From Arosa the route leads via the reservoir to Litzirüti and then on to Molinis. Single tracks and forest roads set riders’ pulses racing. In Molina the route starts to climb steeply via Pagig and Triemal to Skihaus Hochwang. As the climb is made on the tarred Alpine road, it is negotiable in every weather. Once you arrive at the top, treat yourself to a well-deserved break. In addition to food and drink, the Restaurant Hochwang offers a gorgeous view of large tracts of the Schanfigg. After a short break, you head for the Peisteralp. There is a stretch of about 300 metres at the start which is not ride-able for all cyclists but can easily be managed on foot across a meadow. From here the route continues along the Schanfigger Höhenweg and attractive single tracks to the Peisteralp. Then a beautiful and fast decent takes you down to Langwies from where you ascend ascent through a peaceful forest.