768 Arosa-Ochsenalp Rundtour

The big star of this hike is the diverse landscape around Arosa. From the highest point, the «Hauptichopf» peak, you can enjoy the splendid panorama of the Schanfigg and Rhine Valleys near Chur. Due to its convenient location, the trail is accessible from spring onwards and a popular early-season route.

The Arosa train station is used as the starting point for this four-hour hike. The trailhead is found at the valley station of the Arosa – Weisshorn cable car. The first section goes over the «Scheitenböden» to the middle station of the Weisshorn cable car. After just 1.5 km you reach the timberline, and the Alpine panorama opens right out. The path leads across the rolling countryside with great views to the highest point of the tour, the «Hauptichopf».

After a further interesting journey along the «Scheidegg» with superb views, walk down to the «Ochsenalp» inn. After refreshments in the cosy alpine refuge, you reach the «Prätschalp» via the «Rot Tritt» section. Continue between the upper and lower Prätsch lakes, above the golf course, past the Maran dairy farm, to the final highlight of the round trip, the «Eichhörnliweg», and back to the railway station.

The «Eichhörnliweg» section is particularly popular with families. Along the way, you will come across some well-maintained fireplaces offering a welcoming respite.