Arosa Bärenland - Maraner Hauptji - Maran - Arosa

A great family tour with great experiences! Visit the Arosa Bärenland right at the start and enjoy a wonderful tour through the beautiful mountains of Arosa from there on. 

Behind the Arosa railway station at Obersee, get on the Weisshorn gondola and get off again at the middle station. From there, turn right and after a few metres you will arrive directly at Arosa Bärenland. After you have watched the bears, you return to the Arlenwald path. After about 300m, leave the little road to the left and follow the hiking trail. From there the hike starts towards Maraner Hauptji (2157 m.a.s.l.). At the Maraner Hauptji, a wonderful view of the village of Arosa and the surrounding mountains awaits you. Even the upper Schanfigg can be seen. Once you have enjoyed the view, follow the path to Scheidegg and hike on to the two Prätsch lakes. At the upper Prätschsee there is a fireplace. From there you rejoin the well-prepared path to Prätschalp. From there there is a narrow and romantic hiking trail through nature to the Maran alpine dairy. In the alpine dairy you can get delicious cheese with milk from the four alps in the region or something to drink and eat. A little further down is the Golf & Sporthotel Hof Maran. Opposite is the start of the Eichhörnliweg. On the Eichhörnliweg there is a playground, a fireplace and lots of animals that eat out of your hand. The trail ends at Obersee, right next to the Arosa railway station and the valley station of the Weisshorn cable car.