Cultural Hike: Lüen - Castiel

A "from village to village" hike in the Schanfigg valley.

The hike mainly passes on natural path without traffic. At Galgenbüel the Arosa main road needs to be crossed in order to descent to Parvig.


Author: Hansjürg Gredig, ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management

The relaxed journey with the Rhaetian Railway gives us time to discover all sorts of things. Deer in spring and autumn between Peist and Langwies or earth pyramids at Gründjitobel. Underneath Lüen it is worth taking a glance at the canyon of the Plessur river. A pressure pipe leads to the impressive power plant which was built in 1914.

No fear from the gallows

Our hike from the train station Lüen-Castiel leads uphill to the village centre of Lüen. A break at the restaurant is highly recommended. Petra Mohr and her husband created a cosy little corner on the forecourt of the stable. Lüen is well-known for its unassuming church at the border of the village. The impressive artistic paintings were created in the 14th century.

We now leave this cultural village behind and hike uphill towards Galgenbüel (Gallows Bühl). The name reveals it all: the worst of all crooks were hung here on the hill next to the main road where everyone could see it.

We keep going to the right towards Parvig and then towards Castiel, the final destination of your tour. After the Chatzenwald (cat forest) a fantastic view to Castiel opens up. The last part downhill is easy and effortless and brings us to the bus stop at the main road Chur-Arosa. In case there is no suitable bus connection, there is also the possibility of walking further down to the train station Lüen-Castiel.


Autor: Hansjürg Gredig, ZHAW Life Sciences und Facility Management