Cultural Hike: Maladers - Chur

From the countryside of Schanfigg to the capital of Grisons - an adventurous hike for bon-vivants.

The easy hike is suitable for young and old. Especially kids love the diverse natural path through the forest. If you feel the hike is too short, you may also prolong it by detouring on the Mittenberg.


The hike lasts almost 2 hours and leads from sunny Maladers through the forest towards the Mittenbergbelt and via the St.Luzi Chapel to the Haldenhüttli (small hut) from where you have a fantastic view over the city.

Comfortable arrival, enjoyable hike

The easy hike from Maladers (1000m) to Chur (600m) is suitable for everyone. With only a 15 minute bus ride from Chur we arrive at the starting point from where we start walking towards Oberdorf. After the first intersecting road we turn left and follow the directional sign to Chur. If you need supplies for the hike or a small souvenir, you might find it at Sina's farm shop. The path to Chur passes the cemetery and leads towards Mittenberg/Kleinwaldegg where it enters the forest. After a while we arrive at the little chapel St.Luzi. From there it is not far until we reach the Haldenhüttli (small hut) in the vineyards above Chur.


Author: Hansjürg Gredig, ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management