Culture hike: Litzirüti - Arosa

Start your holiday with a dreamlike hike to Arosa. 

Colourful birds, nimble squirrels, magnificent trees and shrubs. Breathe in the fresh mountain air even before you reach your destination. From the small, manageable railway station in Litzirüti, take a leisurely stroll to the magnificent forest where the gravelled little road begins. In the middle of the dense fir forest, the easy hiking trail winds its way from Litzirüti to Arosa. This path offers beautiful views of the majestic Schiesshorn, the gigantic Tijerfluh and other imposing mountains of the region again and again. It is an easy and romantic hike all the way to Arosa. Clear lakes and the wildly rushing Plessur accompany you on the way from Litzirüti to Arosa. Peace and harmony - the world is still in harmony here and nature is almost untouched.