Furcletta/Welschtobel/Ramozhütte Tour

This tour is one of the highlights of the region. A challenging enduro tour with a unique nature and single trail experience.

The tour starts in Lenzerheide at the Rothorn station. From there, the Rothorn cable cars 1 and 2 take you comfortably to the Rothorn summit. The technically demanding single trail leads you to Alp Sanaspans. Right before reaching the Alp, the hiking trail turns left towards Culmet/Furcletta. Shortly before reaching the Alp, the hiking trail turns left towards Culmet/Furcletta. From this turn-off it's a good 1.5h to carry and push the bike. The highest point is reached on the Culmet, the view rewards the sweaty ascent. From there it's another few meters down until the last ascent to the Furceletta. This is conquered after about 20 minutes and the first stage goal is reached. The Welschtobel lies at your feet. 14km flowy, partly gravel single trail is waiting for you. The next stage finish is reached at Isla in Arosa. From there it's a leisurely ride on the road up to Arosa and to the valley station of the Hörnli Express. The train takes you comfortably to Hörnli. From there you can either take the Urdenbahn over the Urdental or take the bike on the hiking trail to Urdenfürggli. From Urdenfürggli you first take the Bike Attack route (no. 611) to Scharmoin. After the Mottahütte you turn right onto the steep, very demanding signle trail towards Parpan and Canols. Alternatively you can reach Canols via Scharmoin and Bikepark.


This tour is the perfect starting point for a two-day tour with an overnight stay in the Ramoz hut. The hut is unattended and must be reserved in advance.



By the way: Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori also enjoyed the trails on the Parpaner Rothorn in the video "Home of Trails".