Innerarosa - Schwellisee - Innerarosa

This easy hike takes you along a gravel path surrounded by beautiful flower meadows from Innerarosa to the Schwellisee lake. Optionally, you can take a walk on the nature trail around the crystal-clear Schwellisee. 

The Schwellisee lake can be reached from Innerarosa with a beautiful walk in less than one hour. Once you have reached the Schwellisee, you can enjoy the mountain panorama and the view down to the bottom of the lake from one of the cosy Arosa Benches, or take another walk around the lake on the nature trail. The area around the Schwellisee used to be surrounded by a pine forest. Above the crystal-clear mountain lake stands a legendary stone pine, which still reminds us of it today. The hike brings you back to Innerarosa along the same path.