Maran - Prätschli - Prätschalp - Prätschsee - Maran

Through the forest, over dreamy clearings, up to the alp, past the Upper Prätschsee: a breathtaking view over the Schanfigg and the mountain landscape of Arosa.

Leave the hectic pace behind and experience the untouched winter landscape above Arosa - the Prätschalp-Schneeschuhtrail is perfect for this. First you walk through the forest along the cross-country ski trails to the edge of the forest. Several times along the trail you have a unique view of the elongated Schanfigg valley and the mountain landscape of Arosa. On the Prätschalp, the turning point of the tour, about half of the way is over: in summer around 100 cows are summered here by farmers from Chur. In winter, it is ideal for a break and refreshment. Afterwards it goes uphill again in the direction of Ober Prätschsee. Not far from the lake is the Guisanplatz. General Henri Guisan (1874-1960) attended a 1st August celebration here during the Second World War. A commemorative plaque commemorates the historical event. Gently downhill, it leads back to Maran, where the free local bus picks up the winter sports enthusiasts again.