Middle station Arosa Weisshorn - Schwellisee lake - Mountain Chapel - Innerarosa

A relaxed hike from the Weisshorn middle station to the mountain chapel and the local history museum - the two cultural highlights of Arosa.

The hike starts with the Weisshorn gondola from Arosa to the middle station. Once at the middle station the path leads through the ski area, passing grazing cows and across flower meadows all the way to the crystal clear and icy cold Schwellisee lake. As of here the return journey to the mountain chapel begins - it is worth visiting the cemetery and taking a glance inside the chapel. The local history museum at the Eggahuus is not far from the mountain chapel. A tour of the museum or even a speech in the old Wals house are always unforgettable experiences. The next bus stop is nearby and the bus ride only a takes a few minutes to arrive back at the starting point.