Schanfigger Höhenweg, 5th route, Fondei - Hochwang

Panoramic hike through impressive moorland: From Fondei to Hochwang with fantastic views over Schanfigg.

The characteristic attraction can be described as the moorland landscape, alternating between dry and wet areas. In early summer you can see carpets of the most beautiful orchids (Vital, 2009). The flower splendour in summer, all the way up to the Mattjischhorn, is of extraordinary variety. The view back from Blackterfürggli towards Fondei is also fantastic. On Zalüenja, there is a short rest stop with a table and bench. The landscape is characterised by the small hay barns, most of which, however, have become functionless today. For many centuries, the mountain meadows on the Hochwang chain have been cultivated by the Schanfigger people up to over 2000 m above sea level. This is still the case today thanks to contributions from the federal government. The mountain hay is considered particularly nutritious. Only above Peist and Langwies are the pastures used as alpine pastures. Those who prefer to indulge themselves at the Skihaus Hochwang above St.Peter, treat themselves to the wonderful view from the terrace.