Wals Trail Arosa - Davos

Impressive stone landscape on the Wals trail between Arosa and Davos.

This semi-difficult hike off prepared hiking trails through the untouched mountain landscape connects Arosa and Davos. In Arosa the trail starts at the Isel and slowly ascents through the Furggawald with an amazing view to Arosa once you arrive at the top. One might also observe chamois, deer and ibexes. The Maienfelder Furgga is one of the most popular pass crossings to the Landwassertal of Davos in the East. It is the most direct way from Arosa to Davos Frauenkirch. At the same time it is a section of the Wals Trail. The picturesque Stafelalp, which you pass during your descent, was the retreat of the famous German painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.