20 December 2019

New set up at the snow park Tschuggen

After more than 10 years the time for change has come. In addition to the fact that the offer will be even better aligned to the target group in the future, the ecological idea is also in the foreground. With the new park set-up on the Tschuggen, the initiators are taking the next and important step towards a more sustainable snowpark. The new park set-up requires considerably less technical snow and snow machine hours. With the playful and individually rideable set-up, the Snowpark Arosa Lenzerheide will be able to respond even better to the needs of the snowpark guests and open the doors for every riding level. Thus the claim "this snowpark is for you" is even more strongly underlined and lived. No matter if young or old, female or male - everyone finds a place in the Snowpark Arosa Lenzerheide and a place in the community.

This change also offers sponsors and partners an attractive advertising opportunity and presence in the park. In addition, snowpark riders will now be directed towards the valley station, which in turn will relieve the very well-frequented Tomeli ski lift.

A park from Tschuggen to Arosa
But this year's changes are not enough. The visions are great and the motivation and urge for further development strong. The nature park "Wood Ranch", which was created a few years ago with pure Arosa wood, has proven itself over the last few years with the snowpark riders. Not only the simple, playful and varied set-up is well received by the guests, but also the ecological approach remains an important aspect in future planning. In the minds of those responsible, the Snowpark Tschuggen is to be linked to the Wood Ranch and thus significantly extended. Wherever possible, local materials will be used. At the moment the first planning steps are underway. These are to be advanced in the next few years.