6 August 2021

Putting an end to mountains of waste in Graubünden: IGSU ambassadors raise awareness

Old News

Both in urban centers and in the mountains, an unusual picture has emerged recently: uncharacteristically for Swiss conditions, abandoned food packaging, beverage containers and protective masks have been piling up along hiking trails and main roads, in parking lots, in old town alleys, on lakeshores and in forest clearings. Whether out of frustration, boredom or carelessness, littering has increased during the pandemic. This makes awareness-raising measures such as the IGSU ambassador teams all the more important. They have been touring the Grisons since August 4, 2021, talking to passers-by about littering and recycling.

Proven awareness-raising measure
The IGSU ambassador teams are one of the oldest and most proven awareness-raising measures of the IGSU. Since 2007, they have been touring more than 50 Swiss cities and municipalities every year from April to September, talking to passers-by about littering and recycling. They also raise awareness of the littering problem in mountain regions in summer, autumn and winter and encourage summer visitors, hikers and snow sports enthusiasts to dispose of their waste correctly. An important focus is also the engagement at schools: Ambassador teams raise awareness of the littering problem among schoolchildren of all ages through workshops, recess and clean-up activities.

Support for cities, municipalities and schools
The IGSU supports cities, municipalities and schools with many other anti-litter measures. For example with the national Clean-Up-Day, which is supported by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, the Swiss Association for Municipal Infrastructure SVKI and the Pusch Foundation. This year, Clean-Up Day will take place on 17 and 18 September. In addition, the IGSU awards the No Litter Label to cities, municipalities and schools that are actively committed to combating littering, and supports institutions in the implementation of space sponsorship projects.