GPS Alter Schyn-Runde

Technically less demanding, but altogether long tour for enduring biker.

This tour includes the descent on the "Alter Schin", a road high above the Albula Gorge into the steep mountain flank, connecting the rear Rhine Valley with the Lenzerheide holiday region. Via Lain and Muldain you reach this partly vertiginous trade route from the Middle Ages. The tour then leads through spectacular rock tunnels and tranquil villages such as Scharans and Tomils down to Domleschg with its southern charm. On the way, many different inns invite you to take a breather. The long round to Chur continues on agricultural side roads and cycle paths before an ascent via the "Polenweg" to Churwalden and then via Salez and the Mittelberg back to Parpan and Lenzerheide. A bit of endurance is required on the day trip, but the technical difficulties are limited.