Bike Region Arosa Lenzerheide

A true bike paradise in Graubünden

Arosa Lenzerheide has developed to a true bike paradise in recent years. In the hype about carbon, suspension travel and bike sizes, the bike region reflects on its down-to-earth strengths. With great passion and the help of the multi-faceted weather, diverse mountain bike trails have emerged from Graubünden soil, stone and wood that let every biker type find the flow. Whether with or without mountain railway transport, pure muscle power or e-bikes. Always on the fresh mountain air and past the clear waters of our streams and lakes.

Bike transport on all mountain railways, bike shuttles for the more remote regions, several bike schools and no less than 15 explicit bike hotels provide the all-round feel-good experience.
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Bike region Arosa

Mountain biking in Arosa is probably the best way to discover this corner at the end of the Schanfigg valley. The mountain bike trails in Arosa will get your pulse racing. The mountain panorama is unique - over 900 km of GPS tours - with a magnificent play of colors: from deep green forests over crystal blue mountain lakes to glistening white glaciers. Arosa is one of the flagship bike holiday destinations for families as well as e-mountain bike tours.

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Bike region Lenzerheide

The heart of the bike region is the Lenzerheide Bike Park. The five different lines form a varied playground - for beginners to professional pilots. Around 500 km of signposted bike tours and more than 900 km of GPS tours let every biker find his flow. The road network around Lenzerheide is also predestined for racing bike tours through the dreamlike Albula Valley to Davos, the Engadin or via Thusis to Chur.

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