Cross-Country Skiing Track Isel 7.5km

Waterfalls, forests and the Welschtobel stream: The 7.5 km long "Isel Cross-Country Skiing Track" first leads past the reservoir that gives it its name and then dives through snow-covered pine forests into the wild Welschtobel.

The Isel Cross-Country Skiing track starts a little below the village of Arosa and first leads past the southern shore of the reservoir of the same name (Stausee Isel). The lake, located in the Schiesshorn forest, is watered by the Furggabach, the Furggaalpbach and the Plessur. The track now makes two loops through the Iselwald, where mainly stone pines can be found. The area is surrounded by the Arosa Dolomites, originally from a subtropical beach. Following the Welschtobelbach stream for a short distance, the view of the Alteiner waterfall with a total height of 73 metres becomes clear. An ascent leads briefly into the Welschtobel. At the turning point of the route, the Welschtobelbach stream is crossed. This flows in a wide, branched river system that is followed to the finish. In Isel Arosa, you can prepare for the cross-country skiing season as early as November as part of the "November High" project.